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Trash can (small)              Table (small)      55inch Samsung Television Bookcase with approximately 30 books, large knife, 2 sets of binoculars, and a holster.

Sonos sound bar              Old Chair              Desk and office chairApple IMAC Pro computer                           Lasko fan            Dresser with contents: 3 drawers with clothes, 2 drawers with personal sundries, 1 drawer of paperwork Jewelry box with 2 crucifix necklaces and 2 pair cuff links with misc. personal items

2 Small night stands (empty)       2 side tables                                       2 lamps Queen size bed with bedding     4 panel Asian room divider          4 small wall shelves

6 bird statues                                     Plaque (girl)                                       7 pictures Clock                                                     Misc. electronics to include phones, chargers, and cables

2 digital pads MASTER BATHROOM Personal hygiene items to include electric razors, electric toothbrushes and chargers

Bird statue (eagle) MASTER CLOSET Linens to include approximately 15 towels and 4 sets of sheets

Strong box with personal paperwork (Tribeca Urban personnel have taken possession for safe keeping)

Clothes including approximately 14 Suits, 16 Pair pants, 20 Ties, 40 Shirts, 14 Pair shoes, and 4 hats.

Hall tree                                               Small Stool                                          Suitcase              

Briefcase                                             Satchel                                                 Walker                                 

Doctors bag with contents           Suntan light                                        Adult entertainment items


Hamper with dirty clothes            3 Pictures (small)              Picture (large)

Frigidaire humidifier                       Samurai Sword


Scale                                                      Plunger                                                Cleaning brush                 

5 Pillows                                               7 Rugs                                   Laundry cart


Folding cart                                         55 Inch Samsung TV        40 Inch TCL TV                  

Nespresso Coffee Maker             Wooden table                   Misc. Chargers                 

2 Lamps                                                HP Printer

Small dresser with hardware to include batteries, light bulbs, and misc. hardware

Dyson hand held vacuum             Sonos sound bar             

Desk with IMAC computer and computer parts to include thumb drives, cords, and chargers

Fan                                                         Small Vacuum                    Lamp    

Office chair                                        

Shelf with planter, rock statue, computer parts, and home security cameras.

2 ION Chargers (Karaoke type speakers)                                               Computer tower

Computer desk                                 Emage Imager                   Small IMAC computer

Samsung Monitor                            Lamp                                     Antique phone

Desk caddy                                         2 Phones                             Office supplies and trash can

 CLOSET (In Middle Bedroom)

Ladder                                                  Nikon camera with accessories 

Shelf with cleaning supplies, paperwork, printer supplies and misc. hardware

Hoover vacuum                                                2 sweat suits                      2 Wheel dolly                     Sprayer


Dining table with 6 chairs              2 Panel mirrored divider               2 Tiffany style lamps

2 Statues                                             African mask                                      4 Wall hangings

Closet with 4 coats, ironing board, iron, steamer, and dog food

Pantry with dry and canned food                                                              Trash can


Keurig coffeemaker                        4 Hexclad pans                                  Dalstrong cutlery set

Dishes                                                   Misc. pots and pans                        Glasses

Spice rack                                            Vitamins                                              Toaster

Blender                                                                Liquor                                                   Clock

Misc. Silverware                               Trash can


4 Panel Asian room divider          Table                                                     2 Tiffany style lamps

Couch                                                   3 Small tables                                     2 Plant (large)

Massage Chair                                   82 Inch Samsung TV                        Artesia Electric baby grand piano

2 Clocks                                                Mona Lisa painting                          2 Sconces with statues

2 Masks (African)                             Buddha Statue                                  Chinese Vase

Approximately 30 statues including birds, human figurines, and African statues


Small table                                          Mirror                                                   Crucifix

Statue                                                   Trash can



3 Towels


4 Coolers (large)                               1 Cooler (small)                                 Tent

Boogie board                                     Sleeping bag                                      Half round table

10 Elephant figurines (small)       Chess board


2 Hard case suitcases                      Electric Keyboard                             Games

Scooter                                                                Small Dresser (empty)                   Long dresser

2 Night stands                                   Full bed with linens                         Chair

Mirror                                                   2 Tiffany style lamps                       40 Inch TCL TV

4 Panel Asian room Divider          2 Marionettes                                   2 Asian figurines

2 Wall sconces                                   Plant                                                      2 Small trash cans


Shelf with  approximately 15 plants         Large Buddha fountain  Small fountain

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